ANNOUNCEMENT: MAHA Launches Darwin, an Evolutionary Reputation Intelligence Platform

Introducing Darwin, the first unified reputation platform

MAHA takes a deep evolutionary AI approach to reputation intelligence, which includes integrated stakeholder sentiment, corporate behavior, rankings and financial predictive analytics.

Proceed with confidence in an increasingly complex world.

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Your stakeholders are all interconnected, so why look at them in isolation?

We know how important stakeholder intelligence is becoming to helping companies more deeply understand their impact. We also know how difficult it is to track the ecosystem of stakeholders holistically since they are so interconnected — with existing tools available on the market.

That’s why we developed a deep evolutionary AI SaaS platform.

An Evolutionary Science Approach To Find Your Optimum

MAHA’s insights are backed by an evolutionary approach to corporate optimization. Our platform is designed to reveal all of the independent variables that drive adaptation in a range of competitive environments to help your organization more efficiently quantify and manage stakeholders.

Unlike other ESG, Sustainability and Reputation Platforms, MAHA blends a comprehensive data set of 1st and 3rd party data that goes beyond compliance and reporting, helping companies achieve their objectives faster.


MAHA Reputation Score

An Initial Screen — Our AI backed models harness hundreds of different external market data sets to show you where your company ranks against your chief competitors in your industry and identifies areas where you can improve.

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MAHA Purpose Signature

Deep Diagnostic —  MAHA’s Purpose Signature is a diagnostic tool that pinpoints exactly which corporate performance attributes have the most influence over your company’s reputation.


MAHA Purpose Actioning

Improve —  Once you measure your Purpose Signature, MAHA can help you develop scientifically backed, data-driven strategies and scenario planning to evolve faster and beat competition.

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