ANNOUNCEMENT: MAHA Launches Darwin, an Evolutionary Reputation Intelligence Platform

Why Purpose

Purpose Is The Engine Of Every Successful Company

MAHA’s innovative approach to reputation management focuses your energy on what matters most based on our proprietary aggregated industry insights.

You Can’t Manage What You Don’t Measure

An evolutionary approach—designed to reveal all of the independent variables that drive adaptation in a range of competitive environments— surpasses traditional social science methods and helps you devise a richer, more practical approach to managing your company’s intangible assets.

Evolve faster

MAHA’s insights can empower your organization to make better, data-driven decisions in rapidly changing environments to stay nimble, resilient and successful.

In different environments, different traits lead to better performance. Science shows us how certain, specific combinations of traits determine the fitness and performance of any organism in their environment. The same science can be applied to corporations.

MAHA analyzes hundreds of complex and proprietary data sets of Purpose covering reputation, DEI, ESG, employee wellness, customer satisfaction, investor and shareholder relationships to understand which business performance traits will drive the most value for your specific company. Our models are dynamic. We take into account the multi-dimensional factors changing your industry’s landscape and your competitor’s responses at the same time.

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Gain competitive advantage

MAHA’s insights power an interactive platform that allows you to see the impact of your decisions over time and against your competition.

We empower you with scenario planning to guide you in adapting, innovating and evolving to gain competitive advantage in your industry.

We also integrate your 1st party data onto our platform so you can correlate and link OKRs/business goals like employee engagement, customer service and sales performance to integrate insights into team workflow.

Optimize through Purpose

Aligning through Purpose empowers companies to evolve and succeed – no matter the environment.

The key question guiding natural selection is, what is the optimum? Nature organically creates efficiencies to find that optimum balance. For corporations: with so many external factors now affecting business, the guiding question is how does an organization make good business decisions about which policies and projects to prioritize? MAHA’s platform illuminates those insights for your business.

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