How do you know if your models are correct?

<div class=”et_pb_toggle_content clearfix” style=”display: block;”><p>Our models have been through an extremely rigorous vetting process. Our novel algorithms have been peer reviewed and published in international scientific journals (e.g.,<a href=””> Calsbeek 2012 Exploring variation in fitness surfaces over time or space Evolution 4:1126-37</a>; <a href=””>Calsbeek 2009 Empirical comparison of G-matrix test statistics Evolution 63: 2627-2635</a>) and… Continue reading How do you know if your models are correct?

Will it replace our existing sentiment data/budget?

Ultimately that is up to you!  We can integrate your sentiment data into our framework. The real power of our approach is that we combine many data-sets in a single analytical framework. This also means that you will probably be able to save money by using a single approach rather than cobbling together many

Are your models predictive?

Evolutionary biologists have long understood that traits combinations that foster competitive adaptation will tend to evolve together over time. The more stable the competitive environment, the more accurate these predicted changes in attribute combinations will be. Our models incorporate aspects of the competitive environment, a time series of data showing which combinations of attributes work… Continue reading Are your models predictive?

What is an adaptive landscape?

Adaptive landscapes are visual and mathematical tools used by evolutionary biologists. Picture a rugged landscape of hills and valleys. The hill tops represent areas of high “performance” (Corporate purpose/ financial gains). Valleys on the surface represent areas of poor performance. The three dimensional landscape is built by interactions among the attributes of the individuals. Adaptive… Continue reading What is an adaptive landscape?

Can you incorporate our 1st party data in your analyses?

<div class=”et_pb_toggle_content clearfix” style=”display: block;”><p>We have two main ways to integrate your first party data.</p><ol><li>We can integrate your existing data streams via APIs on our analytics dashboard</li><li>We can work directly with you and pulse relevant stakeholders and gather new data as well as incorporate your own internal measures into our competitive framework</li></ol></div>

How does your approach differ from pure sentiment analysis?

By combining our extensive quantitative/behavioral data set with more traditional qualitative/sentiment data, we find gaps between perception and reality. Sentiment and perception data that are well matched to quantitative measures of performance indicate that a company is authentic. When there are gaps between perception and reality, our combined data sets reveal novel solutions for course… Continue reading How does your approach differ from pure sentiment analysis?

How are evolutionary biology and reputation management connected?

Evolutionary Biology is the study of adaptation in nature. Our MAHA scientists (PhDs in evolutionary biology) have developed mathematical models that identify the attributes important for survival and extinction, and are now applying those models to corporate data sets. The resulting analytics help corporate changemakers isolate risk and competitive advantage in an increasingly complex and… Continue reading How are evolutionary biology and reputation management connected?