ANNOUNCEMENT: MAHA Launches Darwin, an Evolutionary Reputation Intelligence Platform

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Track and Predict Corporate Reputation and Business Outcomes with Confidence

MAHA now incorporates evolutionary bioscience adaption models, combined with its automated AI-powered data visualization, to improve the speed and accuracy of reputation optimization and impact on business performance, making it possible for companies to analyze the behavior of brands across hundreds of ESG and other risk factors, compared to its competition.

MAHA Darwin overview

Our AI Backed, Scientific Approach

Purpose and reputation can be quantified and optimized. MAHA’s team combines the expertise of Dartmouth evolutionary biologists, corporate leaders, and ESG specialists to offer a unique scientific approach to measure and optimize corporate performance, reputation, and impact.

Our Proprietary Data Sets

The era of “big data” is upon us, yet many organizations continue to rely exclusively on survey-based perception data. Our approach melds survey data with quantitative data that measure the ‘true’ performance of a company. We aggregate hundreds of publicly and privately held datasets that include information on ESG, DEI, employees, customers, governance, and financial metrics. These dual approaches bring a unique richness to our analysis and generate more accurate and more tangible insights for action.

Our Tools


MAHA Reputation Score

An Initial Screen — Our AI backed models harness hundreds of different external market data sets to show you where your company ranks against your chief competitors in your industry and identifies areas where you can improve.

MAHA Reputation Score screenshots


MAHA Purpose Signature

Deep Diagnostic —  MAHA’s Purpose Signature is a diagnostic tool that pinpoints exactly which corporate performance attributes have the most influence over your company’s reputation.


MAHA Purpose Actioning

Improve —  Once you measure your Purpose Signature, MAHA can help you develop scientifically backed, data-driven strategies and scenario planning to evolve faster and beat competition.

MAHA Purpose Actioning screenshots

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