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Why It's Crucial

Empower your business to navigate ever-changing stakeholder demands by seamlessly integrating and analyzing data across seemingly separate yet interconnected realms. Experience the convergence of multi-stakeholder sentiment, corporate behavior, and comprehensive competitive and financial analytics. With Darwin, management teams gain real-time insights into their actions and reputation relative to competitors, pinpointing reputational attributes influencing performance and driving significant financial risk.

What the Platform Delivers

Explore the Four Pillars of Multi-Stakeholder Insights.

Stakeholder Sentiment Intelligence

Move beyond traditional surveys and polls. Our sentiment analysis integrates real-time data from news media, social platforms, forums, and chats, revealing how your company’s perception evolves based on actions and market movements.

Corporate Behavior Intelligence

Swiftly identify performance benchmarks against competitors across a spectrum of behavioral factors. Understand where you excel and where improvements are needed, considering the impact on sentiment and reputation.

Predictive Financial Intelligence

Harness the power of algorithms and pattern-matching models to comprehend the correlation between reputation fluctuations and critical financial metrics, including EBIDTA, earnings-per-share, revenue, and stock performance.

Perception-Reality Gap

Illuminate actionable themes, providing a roadmap for enhancing reputation and operationalizing strategies. Identify key areas for risk mitigation and capitalize on opportunities to drive positive outcomes for your company.

Our Methodology is Our Special Sauce

Embrace the big data era and move beyond reliance on surveys. We aggregate extensive datasets, incorporating Environmental Social Governance, DEI, employee, customer, and financial metrics. Our dual quantitative approach, blending publicly and privately held data with first-party surveys, enriches analyses for more accurate and actionable insights.

Unleash the power of biomimicry in business! Our team combines expertise from Dartmouth evolutionary biologists, corporate leaders, and ESG specialists to offer a unique scientific approach. Applying natural selection principles, we measure and optimize corporate performance, reputation, and impact, finally quantifying the essence of reputation.

Gather and integrate data from 3rd party reputation sources, corporate behavior data, and 1st party enterprise data to create a unified view of corporate reputation. Years of aggregating diverse sources, including 10K reports, SEC reports, proprietary data partners, news articles, social media, and more, form one of the world's largest sources of unified quantitative insight.


Step 1

A Multivariate Approach To Improve Stakeholder Trust

Sentiment analysis is conducted in real-time, powered by a Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine applied to millions of points of sentiment data.

Step 2

Rank & Measure

Darwin creates a layer of intelligent indicator categories to track macro-trends across seven areas of corporate reputation:

Step 3

Gap Analysis, Perception vs. Reality

Positioning qualitative data on sentiment and reputation against quantitative data on the organization’s behavior highlights gaps between perception and reality. In an ideal world, authenticity drives alignment.

Step 4

Higher Order Tensor Decomposition

The world of big data is upon us and Artificial Intelligence cannot alone compete with algorithms designed to handle enormous quantities of information.

We use Higher Order tensor decomposition, a method used in the study of genome evolution and by facial recognition software, to discover which attributes are most important for your success. Our algorithms are scientifically developed and tested by Ivy league evolutionary biologists.


Step 1

A Multivariate Approach To Improve Stakeholder Trust

10 years of behavioral data are held in cubic matrices with thousands of companies and millions of data points from various constituencies.

Step 2

Rank & Measure

Our analyses uncover the attributes that differentiate great companies from their competitors. Measuring your current reputation by assessing how closely your behavior emulates the best companies in your competitive space.

Darwin Platform Benefits​

Reputation Stakeholder Intelligence


Elevate your influence with real-time clarity, facilitating insightful analysis for strategic impact on your team, C-Suite, and board of directors.

Multi-stakeholder View

Gain a comprehensive perspective by seamlessly integrating behavioral and sentiment data from over 1,000 public and private sources.

Competitive Intelligence

Uncover the winning attributes and actions in your industry through sophisticated competitive intelligence, providing a strategic edge.

Financial Performance

Navigate risk intelligently by establishing a clear connection between reputation and financial performance, including metrics such as EBIDTA, EPS, Revenue, and Enterprise Value.


Embrace the future with confidence as the platform offers forward-looking analysis grounded in cutting-edge financial models, AI, and scientific methodologies.


Streamline data management by unifying first and second-party data within Darwin’s reputation framework. Access your comprehensive reputation view effortlessly.

Sentiment analysis and media metrics provide stakeholder outlook for today, but how do you see the trendline beyond? Measuring both perception and reality in a common framework provides a more holistic view of your reputation.


With deep insights from evolutionary biology scientists – the same mathematical models used to isolate which attributes among species project to survival and extinction – now, for the first time, are being applied to corporate data sets.


We make it easy for reputation teams to isolate the reputational attributes that impact performance and drive the greatest financial risk to their company, resulting in more influence internally and externally.