Industry Highlights

Industry Specific Reputation

Identify the most important industry specific variables that influence your reputation.


Compare your reputation performance with hundreds of companies across your industry and global leaders.



Simulate future performance using our scenario planning signature simulator against competition in your industry.

Integrate Industry Specific Data

Identify your key industry‑specific data sources to integrate into Darwin’s reputation framework.

Solutions Across Industry Needs

Pharmaceuticals, Medtech, and Biotech

Technology and SaaS


Consumer Packaged Goods

Food and Beverage



Example Use Cases

SAAS partners

Improve leadership and engagement

MAHA has worked with major tech SAAS partners to help measure their efforts to improve leadership governance and employee engagement to the benefit of their reputation and competitiveness in their industry.

medtech and pharmaceutical brands

Customized frameworks

MAHA has worked with major medtech and pharmaceutical brands to develop customized reputation frameworks applicable to their industry, surface attributes that matter, and track realtime sentiment and performance factors in an ever-changing landscape of reputation.

retailer brands

Real-time trends analytics

MAHA has worked with major retailer brands to surface real-time trends affecting their industry including employee related topics, food and health safety,


Industry Signature

Understand the factors that set apart the top performing companies within your industry.

Competitive Benchmarking

See how you perform across these attributes relative to your peers.

Industry Perception

Understand the realtime topics that are driving the conversation and reputation in your industry.