Want more relevance and amplification?

Focus on the right themes and stakeholders to build trust and improve customer acquisition.

Darwin unifies the largest set of sentiment and behavioral data in the world. Get real time sentiment data focused on categories that mean the most to your reputation. Be where your stakeholders are in all channels.

Our algorithms provide a clear view on the most important actions your company can take to improve your reputation. See how corporate behavior is affecting sentiment, reach, and influence in real time.

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Darwin allows CMOs to respond, in real time, to the needs of the public. Benchmarking data helps you put your performance in context as you compete with the market for share of voice, reach and influence.

Key Features for CMOs:

Sentiment Feed

Manage daily sentiment and your share of voice, reach, and influence across a multitude of social, news, media, forums and other messaging sources.


Identify themes to best allocate resources to enhance your reputation.

Perception Reality Gap

Identify where you have communication opportunities as well as competitive risk.

Competitor View

See how your competitors are performing against key variables and where you have an opportunity to strengthen your message and outperform them.