Move beyond scores to deeper level reputation data to improve your reputation.

Identify financial relevant reputation actions for your stakeholders.

Darwin unifies the largest set of reputation data in the world. Be where your stakeholders are in all channels.

Learn and understand stakeholder desires from unstructured data. See how corporate behavior is affecting sentiment in real time. Our algorithms identify the biggest risks and opportunities for improving your reputation performance.

Darwin was created with the CCO’s needs in mind, providing you with insights to help you communicate opportunities, challenges and proposed solutions to each of your key stakeholder groups.
Unify, predict and action to build more trust.

Key Features for CCOs:

Sentiment Feed

Track daily sentiment of your reputation across a multitude of social, news, media, forums and other messaging sources.


See which themes are most affecting your reputation and understand how corporate behaviors are driving sentiment.

Perception Reality Gap

Identify where you have communication opportunities as well as competitive risk.

Competitor View

See how your competitors are performing against key variables and where you have an opportunity to strengthen your message and outperform them.