Smart governance requires accurate and comprehensive data

Big decisions require a multidimensional view of you are performing relative to the market.

Darwin unifies the largest set of sentiment, behavioral, and financial data in the world.

Our algorithms surface the largest trends in reputation and help you make sense out of their impact on your company and how corporate behavior interacts with them.

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Darwin allows boards to guide their leadership teams with a deep understanding of their reputation risks and opportunities relative to the market.

Key Features for Boards:

Perception Reality Gap

Identify where you have communication opportunities as well as competitive risk.

Competitor View

See how your competitors are performing in key themes and where you can leverage corporate strategy to outperform them.

Simulator View

Simulate the impact and tradeoffs of investing in one theme and another, demonstrating their impact on corporate reputation

Financial View

Understand the costs of inaction on reputation themes and calculate the benefits of reputation strategies.