ANNOUNCEMENT: MAHA Launches Darwin, an Evolutionary Reputation Intelligence Platform

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401(k)s as a Purposeful Kickstart to Your ESG Strategy


Join Haider of MAHA, Paul Herman of HIP Investor Ratings + Portfolios, Elizabeth Morgan of Genentech, Burke Pemberton of stok, and Phil Holman FourStar Connections to discuss how your employee 401(k) can open important conversations -- and kickstart new progress -- towards your ESG vision and purpose across your company, suppliers, and customers. Register Here

(un) DAVOS Virtual: Public/Private partnerships as a platform for purpose data


Learn about the strategies companies are employing to develop purpose reporting in their Public/Private partnerships. Moderator: Haider Nazar, MAHA Global Speakers: Chris Gray, Head of ESG - Pfizer Paulo Dalla Nora Macedo, Head of Partnerships - FirCapital Rakesh Bharania, Director, Humanitarian Technology Impact - Ann Rosenberg, Senior Vice President for Sustainable Development - Wood […]

(un) DAVOS Virtual: Tech that drives purpose


Explore the tech solutions that are leading the fourth industrial revolution and learn from companies how they are applying it to drive their sustainability agendas. Featuring LinkedIn, Salesforce, MAHA, and more. Register Here. Moderator: Haider Nazar, MAHA Global Speakers: Cheryl Timoney, Senior Director, Tech for Social Impact Jamie Coleman, Head of LinkedIn Nonprofit Relationship Management […]