MAHA Appoints Jim Weiss to its CCO Advisory Board

Sausalito, Calif. – November 29, 2023 – MAHA Global, a leading evolutionary AI SaaS company, announced today the appointment of Jim Weiss, Founder + Chairman of Real Chemistry, to its CCO Advisory Board. Real Chemistry is a leading provider of data-driven, tech-enabled communication and marketing solutions for the healthcare sector.

Jim joins an exemplary group of CCO advisors, all of whom bring to light the distinct needs of reputation teams. MAHA’s advisory board members share a common thread in that they all have deep experience leading global reputation strategy, risk and crisis management and ESG.

“The need has never been greater for a reputation intelligence platform tool that can generate data that goes beyond what people think, feel and say and instead, provide an on-demand, forward-looking analytical tool to inform what companies need to do,” said Haider Nazar, Co-Founder and CEO of MAHA. “Jim is a strategic and transformational healthcare communications leader with unique experience in creating value, driving impact and igniting positive change for his clients. I look forward to closely collaborating with him, along with our other advisory board members, in helping companies optimize their reputation.”

With real-time clarity, MAHA’s reputational intelligence platform Darwin can help guide a company’s team, C-Suite and board of directors, providing reputation teams with a forward-looking analysis grounded in financial models, AI and science – a scientifically oriented research product to bring into their boardroom. For example, Darwin makes it possible for organizations to more effectively prepare for their earning calls as well as build more trust with its workforce (e.g., when working through labor relations issues).Furthermore, if handling a M&A transaction, MAHA’s predictive analysis can help companies better understand their reputational risks associated with the company that’s being acquired.

“Measuring reputation and relevance is now complex and multifactorial,” said Weiss. “MAHA’s intuitive Darwin platform encompasses all of the necessary variables, and is flexible to incorporate new and evolving ones in real-time, that enable predictive measurements of perception, risk and future performance.”

About MAHA

MAHA Global is a leading evolutionary AI SaaS company and a global leader in its field, helping companies track and predict corporate reputation and business outcomes. As a Public Benefit Corporation, MAHA is devoted to helping organizations positively transform and build more trust with their stakeholders. For additional information about the company, please visit