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Who we are

MAHA began as a company to help organizations measure and accelerate their purpose in the world. However, with experience comes wisdom and after a few years we found that the main leverage point to get companies to use their businesses as a force for good was through “reputation management.” 

We formed a partnership with the most forward thinking group in this field: RIG (reputation intelligence group), to accelerate our understanding of the field.

This combination of Silicon Valley tech, storytelling expertise and data scientists from RIG would develop an innovative approach to integrate academic evolutionary biology science and automated data visualization to improve the speed and accuracy of reputation optimization and its impact on business performance.



Empowering businesses to help manifest a more just, thriving and regenerative world by incentivizing and enabling accountability.


MAHA is dedicated to helping organizations take the best next step in their desired transformation to build more trust with their stakeholders.


Reputation is now the #1 determinant of enterprise value, which makes it the key focal point for leadership and shareholders. We now have the data and insights to illuminate the next best steps an enterprise can and should take to build trust, hence optimize reputation, with key stakeholders. These steps are not only good for the organization, but also for the greater good.